Baofeng creatures join hands in providing for the agedto create community characteristics of old-age
Time:2020-7-31 10:00:40


Beijing Uni.-Construction Group co,Ltd(BUCC) , a large state-owned enterprise among China's top 500, is committed to developing pension services in 2016. Under the radiation of living in the general pension post station, the elderly nearby can enjoy services such as day care, meal service and health guidance without leaving the community. From the age of 30, the activity of nervonic acid in the human body decreased significantly; from the age of 50, the activity and quantity of nervonic acid decreased sharply, and the decline of nerve cells accelerated; in 60-70 old people, the activity and quantity of nervonic acid was less than 1/4 of that of young people, and the nerve cells were damaged, resulting in brain atrophy as a whole, causing Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and a series of brain health problems, which will also seriously affect the quality of life! Nervonic acid is very difficult to synthesize in the body, external food intake is very important! Replenish nervonic acid to the brain in time and stay away from the pain caused by brain disease! Acer truncatum seed oil naturally contains nervonic acid, which is the best source of nervonic acid. Baofeng biology focuses on the development and research of nervonic acid of Acer truncatum, and develops a series of brain health products, such as Acer truncatum nervonic acid oil, formula oil of Acer truncatum, brain power capsule and so on, which is a good choice to protect the brain and stay away from brain diseases.



The health products living in the old-age post station mainly play the source of wood, Acer truncatum maple oil, and at the same time, by vigorously supporting the popularization of nervonic acid, we hope to make people more aware of the importance of nervonic acid to brain health!



Post-station pension is a new form of pension promoted in Beijing. Muzhiyuan Acer truncatum maple nervonic acid oil stationed in the major pension stations, so that the elderly in the community more rest assured and convenient to buy quality-guaranteed brain health products, but also get better after-sales service!!