Baofeng Biology join hands with Xuanwu Hospital to promote the Clinical Application of Nervonic Acid
Time:2020-7-31 9:52:29

On the afternoon of September 5, Baofeng Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. held a grand meeting in the conference room of Baofeng Biology in conjunction with the Occupational Safety and Health Research Center of the National Health Commission, Waters Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Xuanwu Hospital. This paper focuses on the application direction of nervonic acid in genetic metabolic diseases in the department of neurology.



 At the meeting, Dr. Chen Xianyang introduced in detail the development history, honors and related achievements of Baofeng Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. As the source of myelin sheath of nervous system, nervonic acid is an important component of white matter, which is used to form myelin membrane and is an important raw material for the formation of myelin sheath. As a company specializing in brain health products related to nervonic acid and nervonic acid, it aims to make unremitting efforts for human life and health and lead the development of nervonic acid industry. 


Zhou Chao, a teacher from Waters, explained how to find differential metabolites comprehensively and stably. With regard to the research process of metabonomics, various problems that should be paid attention to in each step are introduced in detail. Metabonomics mainly studies small molecular metabolites as products and substrates of various metabolic pathways. Through in-depth research, we can judge whether the body is in a normal state, but the study of genes and proteins can not come to such a conclusion. Metabonomics will play an important role in the study of nerve acid metabolic pathway and prognostic effect evaluation in the future. 


Director Wang of Xuanwu Hospital pointed out that the current research on nervonic acid is limited to cerebral cortical system diseases, and the factors that affect its pathogenesis are more complex, which can not well explain the role of nervonic acid. Since nervonic acid is an important component of white matter, it can expand the research direction to the study of the pathogenesis of central nervous system diseases. As for the inconsistencies in the current research results, it is indicated that it may be caused by human factors, and the same standard should be set for sample collection and disease diagnosis in future scientific research to ensure the "cleanliness" of the samples. 


At the end of the meeting, the parties pointed out that in the future cooperation, we should increase the communication between all parties and carry out training courses on clinical work, experimental process and data processing, so as to lay an important foundation for future cooperation. On this basis, deepen cooperation, through the efforts of all parties, develop a clinical reference standard value suitable for Chinese people, so as to provide a basis for the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis evaluation of the disease in the future. Contribute to the healthy development of mankind.