Bao Feng Biotech was certified as a “SRDI" and national science and technology SME.
Time:2022-11-21 14:28:32

Baofeng Biotech, subsidiary of Zhongyuan, was certified as a “SRDI" enterprise and a National Science and Technology small medium enterprise in Beijing


Recently, Beijing has announced the third batch of “SRDI" small medium enterprises and the second batch of National Science and Technology small medium enterprises in 2022.


Congratulations! Baofeng Biotechnology (Beijing) Ltd. has been certified as a “SRDI" enterprise and a National Science and Technology small medium enterprise in Beijing.



The “SRDI" small medium enterprise is the most authoritative title in the evaluation of provincial small medium enterprise, and the evaluated enterprises need to meet various requirements of “Specialized, Refined, Differential and Innovational".


According to Beijing's requirements of qualification, enterprises selected as “SRDI" SMEs need to reach a certain level in terms of economic efficiency, specialization, innovation ability, management and other special aspects, and also have a strict review on whether the leading products are in line with the national strategic development direction. This time, Baofeng is honored to be recognized as a national "SRDI" SME, and its scientific research achievements are recognized by the nation.


To be a member of national science and technology-based SMEs, there are also strict examination standards, and the indicators of evaluation mainly include three categories, i.e. scientific and technological personnel, R&D investment and scientific and technological achievements, among which R&D investment is the most important indicator.


Since its establishment, Baofeng Biotech has focused on independent R&D innovation, and up to now, it has accumulated 17 invention patents, 18 software copyrights and 4 PCT applications. Through independent innovation and cooperation between industry, academia and research, we are constantly carrying out scientific research and technology research, striving to make nervonic acid products available to the public and making unremitting efforts for the health of human life.


Baofeng Biotech has always been dedicated to research on nervonic acid brain health, including the development of functional food for neurological diseases, the development of first-class new drugs, and the development of third-class medical devices such as brain disease detection kits.


Baofeng is a cutting-edge biotechnology company that provides "comprehensive solutions for brain health". As a leader in the industry, Baofeng's research progress in the field of nervonic acid brain health has led and promoted the development of the whole nervonic acid industry, and also played a strong role in promoting the upstream and downstream industries such as Acer Truncatum cultivation.


The two certifications of “SRDI" SMEs and National Science and Technology SMEs in Beijing have put forward higher and more professional requirements on the R&D capability, service quality and ecological development of Baofeng Biotech. But this is only the starting point of Baofeng Biotech, in the future, Baofeng Biotech will not forget the original intention and keep walking, continue to play the spirit of scientific research and innovation, increase the strength of scientific research and innovation to help build a healthy China!