Baofeng Biotechnology Co-operation Fair
Time:2020-7-31 10:38:41

On the morning of November 27, Baofeng Biotechnology and Waters Company Strategic Cooperation Fair was successfully held in Baofeng Company. Dr. Chen Xianyang, CTO of Baofeng Biology, participated in the meeting with Mr. Paul, Commercial Director of QI of Waters, and Dr. Jia Wei, head of Scientific Research in China.


Dr. Chen Xianyang, CTO of Baofeng Biology, extended a warm welcome to Waters and his party. The topics discussed in the talks are mainly focused on the following aspects: first, medical data, especially metabolic data analysis services. He pointed out that the application of big data's analysis and mining techniques can help the medical industry improve productivity, improve nursing standards and enhance competitiveness to a certain extent. Baofeng takes advantage of its medical data analysis to cooperate with Waters in the future to develop China's scientific research and clinical research market, and to cooperate with more outstanding scientists to develop metabolic markers.


Secondly, Baofeng Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the National Health Commission Occupational Safety and Health Research Center co-built the "key laboratory of genetic metabolism research ," to complete the accurate diagnosis of genetic metabolic diseases. On this basis, through the integration of excellent resources, we will build an international cooperative laboratory of neurogenic metabolism in the future, configure advanced instruments, gather top research talents, develop the world's leading cool techs for early screening, diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases, and build an international cooperative experimental platform.

Finally, we developed the detection kit of nervonic acid. Baofeng company has many years of clinical research foundation for nervonic acid, combined with the industrial resources of Waters, plans to launch a series of clinical detection kits for nervous system screening in the future, to fill the gap in this field at home and even internationally.

Waters is a listed company based in Milford, Massachusetts, USA. Its high performance liquid chromatograph, mass spectrometer, thermal analyzer and rheological products and services are widely used in laboratories around the world. Waters is one of the s & p 500(Standard &Poors 500) index stocks. The company has global business and has manufacturing plants in the United States, Singapore, Ireland and Manchester in the United Kingdom. At present, it is also one of the largest manufacturers of clinical mass spectrometry in China.


Baofeng Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of plant-derived nervonic acid and related brain health products. It is a global authoritative quasi-unicorn company providing overall brain health solutions and a national high-tech enterprise. Baofeng Biology cooperates deeply with many famous research institutions at home and abroad, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Health Commission, China Medical University, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, PLA General Hospital, the first affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, and many famous research institutions at home and abroad, such as American Medical Nutrition and Health products Research and Development Institute, Japan International Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, etc., to carry out the research and development of nerve acid brain health products, including functional food for neurological diseases. The research and development of first-class new drugs, as well as the development of third-class medical devices such as brain disease detection kits, have applied for a number of patents and copyrights.


 Nervonic Acid, scientific name: cis-15-24 carbon monoenoic acid. The Institute of Animal Biotechnology of the National Research Institute of Canada has found that animal nervonic acid, that is, human brain nervonic acid, has a significant therapeutic effect on Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Chinese researchers have carried out functional animal test, step-down test, dark avoidance test, Morris water maze and human eating evaluation test of nervonic acid. The results of animal experiments showed that all dose groups of nervonic acid were better than those of the control group. The results of human eating test showed that the values of mind, picture, recognition, association, touch, understanding and IQ in the test group were significantly increased, indicating that nervonic acid could significantly improve the memory ability and IQ value of the subjects.

Through this negotiation meeting with Waters, Baofeng biology's research in the field of nervonic acid will be more in-depth. In addition, Baofeng Biology will also make use of its advantages of medical data analysis, combined with a variety of scientific research institutions and co-construction of laboratories and other means to contribute to human mental health and development.